Export Import Bank Medium Term

Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank Medium Term Buyer Financing Overview

How the program works

The Ex-Im Bank Medium-Term Buyer Financing Program is designed to provide financial support when you receive an inquiry from a foreign buyer about extending terms to finance their purchase.   SterSavings has the knowledge and expertise to work with your foreign buyer, compile the required documents, and submit a completed application for Ex-Im Bank consideration and approval. 

What is needed to get started

The following is required for the development of a qualified financing proposal. 

Transaction Description:

  • Focus or reason for the transaction
  • Transaction timeline 
  • Community impact or outcome of the transaction

Foreign Buyer Information:
  • Three years of audited financial statements (translated into English and USD values)
  • One bank reference (dated within six months)
  • One credit reference (dated within six months)

Seller Information:
  • Brief history of the company, including current senior management biographies
  • Past experience with the buyer
  • Past experience with other projects of similar focus

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Subject to credit approval. Some restrictions apply.