Export Import Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program

Export-Import Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program Overview

How the program works

Banks typically exclude export accounts receivable (A/R) and work in progress (WIP) from a company’s borrowing base, which can be challenging for a company whose global sales are rapidly growing or when a single large export order is received. The Ex-Im Bank and SterSavings recognize the problem this creates. Under this program, both WIP and foreign A/R may be included in your SterSavings Export Working Capital borrowing base, as well as export-bound inventory and raw materials. 

In addition to working capital to support your ongoing export business, the Working Capital Guarantee Program can be used for…

  • Issuance of Standby Letters of Credit to support bid bond requests, cash down payments, and warranty periods
  • Purchase of raw materials, components, participation at foreign trade shows, and general export marketing activities
  • Collection of foreign accounts receivable

What is needed to get started

  • Application and $100 application fee
  • At least one year’s financial statement(s), brief history of your company including senior management biographies and pro forma business plans
    • Exporters should have at least one-year operating history and a positive net worth
  • Description of your proposed use of the working capital proceeds
  • Products exported must be more than 50% United States content
  • Products must be shipped from the United States
  • We cannot support exports of military/defense products and services, nor can we support purchases made by military buyers

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Subject to credit approval. Some restrictions apply.