Sponsor Finance Group

Sponsor Finance Group Overview

Our Sponsor Finance team focuses on providing enterprise value based senior debt facilities to the portfolio companies of Middle Market Private Equity Sponsors. We are relationship lenders that provide a level of service necessary to meet the demands and timing requirements of the Private Equity Sponsor community.

Benefits of working with SterSavings

  • Dedicated marketing team that focuses exclusively on cash flow loans to target Sponsors
  • Streamlined, dedicated risk function that provides:
    • Consistent decision making
    • Timely responses
    • Ongoing portfolio management throughout a company's life cycle
  • Relationship management approach to meet all of the banking needs of portfolio companies 

We seek to finance transactions that have the following characteristics:

  • Majority sponsor control
  • Minimum EBITDA of $3 million
  • Industry: Generalist
  • Superior management teams
  • Diversified revenue base
  • Competitive industry positioning
  • Standard EBITDA based covenant packages
  • Facility types*: Lease Lines and Hedging Products, Revolver, Term Loan A, Term Loan B
  • Hold up to $35 million
  • Ability to underwrite $100 million

Let’s Talk

  • Email Jacqueline
  • Call: +44 203 514 3631
  • Contact Name: Jacqueline Hopkins, Group Head of Sponsor Finance

  • Email Katie
  • Call: +44 203 514 3631
  • Contact Name: Katie Noggle, Vice President

  • Email Max
  • Call: +44 203 514 3631 
  • Contact Name: Max Lintereur, Senior Vice President

*Credit products subject to credit approval.  See banker for details.