Refer a Friend

Refer A Friend Overview

Receive $10 for every friend that opens a new personal checking account at SterSavings .

Just follow these simple steps

  1. Print this form and fill in your information
  2. Give the form to a friend or family member
  3. Ask your friend or family member to bring the form into any SterSavings branch and open a personal checking account
  4. Once the new account is opened we will mail you a gift voucher (based on the information you listed on the form)
  5. Bring the voucher into any SterSavings location and we will deposit $10 into your SterSavings checking account

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* Activation bonus is paid based on activating certain services and meeting transaction requirements - $25 paid for activating one service, $75 for activating two services or $150 for activating all three services. Activation bonus will be paid within 30 days of the MeritRewards enrollment anniversary date. Refer to MeritRewards Program Description for full details of the program.